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Shoot over the weekend

I did a shoot on Saturday, pretty much all day.  Loaded into the studio at 8:30am, and everyone left at about 5:30pm. Yikes!

I don’t really even notice during the shoot…when the energy is flowing, and the shots are working, the time just flies by. I’m totally focused on what’s going on, and for the most part, it’s just me and the model.  I mean, there are other people there involved with the shoot, but when things are clicking, we both tune everything else out.

But after the shoot, when everything is unloaded, whew – what a crash. I grabbed some taco bell, and plopped down on the couch – finally realizing how exhausted I was. Shooting usually isn’t physically demanding (well, unless you count a 5-pound camera/lens combination as demanding – lol), but it’s mentally exhausting. But I don’t notice until I get back home!

One thing I’ve learned is never, ever, edit the shots the night after a shoot. I’ve found I’m hyper-critical at that point, and I would discard great shots just because I’m tired. I always try to wait until the next day – or at very least wait a few hours.

I also shot tethered for the first time in quite a while – I have mixed feelings about shooting this way. Maybe I’ll write a bit about this later.

And I’ll post the shots from this weekend in the next couple of days – check back soon!

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