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New shoot online

Whew! I’ve finally got the fashion shoot from last weekend online here. Took a while – I didn’t really plan ahead, and I had to change the website around a bit to accomodate a complete fashion “story”…whereas before, it was really set up for individual images.

A quick shout out to those involved…first, the model Karli – she was amazing, fun, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Zoe did a fantastic job on the makeup, which not only helps set the mood for the shoot, but makes retouching go so much quicker. Kelly from Off Broadway Styles did a great job turning my very rough ideas into an actual hair style, despite my use of adjectives that could mean just about anything. :-) Thanks to Wendy at Swank for wardrobe…and of course a big thanks to my assistant for the shoot Jeff, who makes everything possible.

Take a look!

One Response to “New shoot online”

  1. lafaminit Says:

    One of my favorite shoots so far – everything was great…I’m looking forward to working with this entire crew again.