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Fashion and Lingerie

Here’s a shot from a fashion-lingerie shoot a few weeks ago:


Shot with natural light coming in the window.

This was also the first actual shoot I’ve done with theĀ Nikon D3x. As compared with the D3 (a fine camera in its own right), the images I’m getting from this camera are simply stunning; the detail is amazing (24.5MP), and the contrast and color qualities, while hard to describe, are by far the best of any Nikon camera I’ve used. The files (at base ISO) are amazingly noise-free – you really have to see them to believe it. And all that combined with the handling characteristics of the D3, makes for an excellent combination for fashion shooting either in studio or on location…much more convenient, IMHO, than medium format rigs, if the 75MB (8 bit) or 150MB (16 bit) files are sufficient.

Model Melissa, makeup by Heathyrre.

8 Responses to “Fashion and Lingerie”

  1. Pete Springer Says:

    Only downside of a high res camera like the D3x (I’m shooting the 5D2 21 MP) is that you fill up harddrives amazingly fast! But it’s pretty cool to be able to crop a file in HALF and still have a fantastic, high res image!

  2. dodi Says:

    this fashion very beautiful. it is suitble for women. i want to see more photos. i want to see men’s clothes. i want to see underwear clothes

  3. Michael Clements Says:

    Ah now I have camera envy. Thank you!

  4. Chris Cole Says:

    Is it really worth it to move up from D3 to the D3x? I’m not a pro here but I want to be one so budget is a little tight for me. I was looking to buy a secondhand at a bargain from a friend, but I can wait another month or three to save a few thousand dollars more.

  5. Babydoll Says:

    Great pics! Although I am feeling a little inadiquite about my abilities now. hehe.

  6. gregr Says:

    Chris – is really depends what you need. If you need the bigger files, the D3x is the way to go. If, however, 12 megabits is enough, the D3 is a great camera…

  7. Fashion Lingerie Says:

    Love the composition and lighting as well as the lingerie set. Do you happen to know what brand and/or collection Melissa is wearing? Thanks for the help.

  8. LookHunting Magazine Says:

    It’s been 3 years since you posted this but it’s still amazing Greg! I use the 5D2 21 MP as well and couldn’t be happier.