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Brigitte Magazine and professional models

So Brigitte Magazine has decided to stop using professional models for its shoots. An interesting decision, separate from your feelings about the whole size zero debate. For a photographer, professional models are usually a pleasure to work with – they know their angles, they know what looks good, they take direction well, they will bring ideas if you want them, and are just generally easy to work with. They will deliver. Amateur models, and the girl next door, may or may not have these qualities…and finding out might well require more time on set to pull the best shot possible out of them. That of course can lead to longer shoots and higher fees for everyone else on the set.

Karl Lagerfeld (and other designers I’m sure) are less that excited about this…it will be interesting to see how it plays out when they’re asked for samples to shoot with. Given Brigitte’s popularity, I’m sure the magazine will get what they want, but there probably aren’t a lot of size 6 samples floating around, so I suppose skinny “regular people” will be what we’ll see.

3 Responses to “Brigitte Magazine and professional models”

  1. Emme Rogers Says:

    I think the key in what Brigitte is saying, Greg, is in not using emaciated models, but rather with ones with actual curves and real women’s figures. That does not mean that she, the model, can not be professional. A model’s professionalism and understanding of the craft DOES NOT come with her size. You see this for example in actors. It comes with their comfort with camera, their confidence in themselves, knowing how to play with the camera and what works for them and all and all understanding the craft.


  2. gregr Says:

    Emme, as you say there are professional models who are larger than a size 0/2, and that’s a good thing. However, every article I’ve read about what Brigitte is doing says they are eliminating all professional models from their shoots, and instead using “a mix of prominent women and regular readers”. That may well lead to some of the potential issues I mentioned in the first paragraph.

    As for the second part, about the designers, I’m still curious what’s going to happen with couture samples for editorial productions.

  3. MARK Colombus Says:

    Emme, interesting post. I know its a couple of years now, but i thought i would comment anyway. A proff model doesn’t have to be size zero, they could even use plus sized models if they wanted to. As you say working with a professional model size 0 or 16 is SO much better than some armature, a pro knows how to find the right angle, the light, they make the whole shooting experience a pleasure. Cheers Mark