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Reuters 2008 Pictures of the year

Posted in misc on December 4th, 2008 by gregr

I always like looking through the various “pictures of the year” collections…this one from Reuters. I couldn’t stop clicking “next”.

Reuters: Pictures of the year 2008


Posted in misc on October 17th, 2007 by gregr

If any of you want to connect in person, I’ll be at PhotoPlus in NYC this week. My email and phone number are here – I look forward to chatting!

Of ninjas and photo shoots

Posted in misc on June 9th, 2007 by gregr

You’ve got to love this short behind-the-scenes video from Chase Jarvis, doing a portfolio shoot with stuntmen and bikini-clad women…

Making-of video

Posted in misc on May 5th, 2007 by gregr

Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes video of a T Style Living cover shoot, complete with an artificial beach created in-studio. Even with the amazing amount of set-building and prep work that went into this, it was probably still cheaper than flying crew, equipment, and talent on-location…and plus, it’s easier to control the weather conditions in the studio!

Try new things

Posted in misc on March 25th, 2007 by gregr


Back in August of last year, I was out on location doing a shoot. I had been shooting a lot with a 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom lens, and frankly, I was getting a bit lazy. I’d stand (more or less) in one place, and zoom in and out to vary my composition. Might as well have pulled up a chair and had a beer!

When I was getting ready to shoot this set, it was late afternoon one day, and I was truly reaching the height of laziness…I was thinking, “you know, that 70-200 sure is getting heavy.” Lol. So when we got to this spot, I put on a fixed 85mm f/1.4, and started shooting with it. The photo to the right shows what the location looked like; there was a small boat dock I was sitting on, and the lovely Amy was sitting on a rock in a little alcove.

At the time, if I put on the 70-200, I probably would have sat there on the dock, zooming in and out, changing composition, and making Amy move around a lot. And in doing so, I would have missed some of the best shots of the day.

See, what happened when I was using the fixed 85mm lens was, I had to get up off my butt. I had to walk around, find new angles, find new shots. Want a closer crop? I had to walk closer. Looser? Further away. And while I was doing all this walking around, I noticed things. New angles. New ideas. New shots. A new background didn’t necessarily mean changing locations – it just meant changing the way I was looking at the existing location. It meant opening my eyes.

There was also more energy on the set. I was jumping all around, finding new angles and new shots. Amy picked up on my obvious energy, and it really helped make a connection with her and draw her personality out – especially important, as we hadn’t met before this particular shoot.

I also shot these images at around f/2.2 – something that’s clearly not possible with a 70-200 f/2.8 :-). But as I was walking around, looking for new angles and new shots, I could stop looking at the “background” as it were, and start looking more at colors, tones, and shapes. What worked for the shot? What didn’t? I took a lot of shots that didn’t work well, believe me.

But by the end of the session, I knew I had the shot I wanted (on the left). And I can tell you, with some certainty, that if I hadn’t changed lenses, changed what I was doing, and stood in the water, I never would have gotten this shot.

So in the end, I learned an important lesson on a hot day one August. And that was, get up! Move around. Look for the hidden gem wherever you’re shooting, and don’t fall back on “old reliable” techniques. Change something – try something new – and you might come up with something you really like.

September 2006 Vogue Cover shoot

Posted in misc on January 9th, 2007 by gregr

The Vogue cover shot with Kirsten Dunst certainly wasn’t everyone’s favorite, but there’s an interesting behind-the-scenes video of the shoot. This was done by Annie Leibovitz and crew in Versailles, France.

[via Style Bites]

Supposed to be shooting!

Posted in misc on December 29th, 2006 by gregr

That’s right, I’m supposed to be shooting right now.  I had an fashion editorial shoot planned, to be shot in the studio.  If you haven’t been involved in many photo shoots, lemme tell you, there’s a lot involved…but everything was ready.

  • Model – check
  • Makeup – check
  • Hair – check
  • Wardrobe – check
  • Assistant – check
  • Studio/set – check
  • Another blizzard in Denver – check

Yep, had to cancel the shoot because of weather. So instead of doing a fun shoot right now, I’m sitting at home, just came in from shoveling snow, and looking at a picture of a snow-covered branch that a friend sent me.  Ahh, you gotta love Denver’s weather!

So to remind me of warmer days, the picture on this post is the fantastic model Amy, shot on an island in the Caribbean earlier this year.

2006 Year in Pictures

Posted in misc on December 28th, 2006 by gregr

From MSNBC, their annual Year in Pictures.

Some excellent and thought-provoking images.

[via Thoughts from a Bohemian]


Posted in misc on December 18th, 2006 by gregr

Welcome to my blog! Here I’ll be talking about all things photography, and specifically about what’s going on at Greg Reinacker Photography. Stay tuned and visit often!